Saturday, 23 April 2016

iPhone 6 Easy With Only Crooked Little Pressure

Barely a month Apple released its newest product with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, but Apple has received scorn on the new product.

It turns out not only on the iPhone 6 Plus that some pecan then become a byword the world community because of the sophisticated devices easily bent.

iPhone 6 easily bent happens only on 9 products alone, perhaps 9 the product is one of the products fails or is equipped with a protective material that is elastic?

Here is a review of the opinion scorn Apple on its newest advanced products.

Opinions about the Apple iPhone 6 easily bent
 Apple Iphone Photo

As an opinion on layangkan by Apple, the Apple indeed justify the latest product with the iPhone 6 series easily bent, however, it happens only on 9 units.

Applel parties also confirmed that, Apple can guarantee about the iPhone 6 is made with a special, high-quality standards to emphasize the variety of risks that occur.

The device is also made of advanced materials namely with anodised aluminum combined with materials of steel and titanium materials.

Materials such device may be applied to parts that are vulnerable or at risk of Tinggih will damage the iPhone 6.

Apple also said it will use the highest quality materials and is constructed carefully and passing several tests to prove that the iPhone 6 is really high quality, and stronger in resisting the pressure.

The tests were also performed a simulation test when the iPhone was occupied by one of the users and trials with test techniques torque with clamping both ends and then played back as much as 8000 times.

Before the iPhone 6 case easily bent. It is also common on the Apple products in the series iPhone 5S.

With a range of relatively expensive iPhone 6 between Rp 10 million to Rp 13 million, belonging to the expensive category.

Should the Apple supplying material which is stronger and trials need to include in order to actually produce quality products.

Product Details : Apple Iphone 6

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